EB-5 is a commanding tide, bringing with it a deluge of prosperity and community impact. The numbers reflect an initiative that glows with results… Over $4.7 billion in foreign investments, 95,000 jobs created, zero cost to taxpayers.

Success has many champions, and with proven results like these, it’s no surprise EB-5 projects receive bi-partisan support at every level of government.

The success of EB-5 at a national level is magnified when brought into focus at a regional and local level.  In Arizona alone, Green Card Fund EB-5 projects have empowered 208 global investors, impacting local communities with solid investment opportunities, facilitating $247,298,608  in investments and creating over 2,285 jobs.  And we are just getting started. 


In this year’s Green Card Fund Investment Summit, local officials such as Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild spoke to investors about the impact and popularity of Green Card Fund's EB-5 projects in Arizona. More than 150 partners from the EB-5 industry felt the dynamic immigration influence and witnessed for themselves, the services current EB-5 projects provide, while sharing their ideas on the future of the industry. This is EB-5 at its best.